It’s been an exhausting past week… coffee…

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It’s been an exhausting past week… coffee isn’t the best solution right now. 

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How To Do Nudes Right

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Since the dawn of the Internet and the invention of the camera phone  we have been warned against the dangers of sending nudes. However, let’s be honest, things happen. In my case, things happen pretty often and I have sent many pictures I would never put in a family photo album. As I am an adult woman capable of making my own choices just like all the celebrities involved in the recent leak, I struggle to see a problem with my expression of sexuality through digital photos. Though this seems to be an unfathomable concept to some, I am free to do with my body whatever I please and you are, too. And you know what? I really enjoy sending nudes to the people of my choice.
Along with the glorious benefit of turning someone on without even touching them, there come many potential side-effects which also must be addressed. Unfortunately, sometimes people are shitty. They can be untrustworthy, rude, and sometimes ungrateful. As a seasoned amateur, I’ve created a list of  tips to take into consideration before posting pictures of yourself into the endless wireless world.

The cute barista you gave your number to seems to REALLY want something to think about later while they keep their hand busy in their pants, but does sending them explicit photos benefit you?  If you’re feeling it and want them to see you naked then by all means go for it. If you aren’t comfortable with them knowing what’s under your clothes, next time you buy an iced dirty chai, then don’t do it! They might whine about it, or stop responding to your texts, or whatever their “punishment” for your denial is, but that makes them a jerk, not you. Who wants a jerk around anyway?

Personally, I embrace the idea of a casual verbal contract. It may be optimistic of me, but once I have established a sense of trust with my sexting partner, a quick playful line like “If you promise to keep it between me and you, I have something you might like. ;)” seems to do the trick. I know you’re thinking that in the heat of the sext, anyone would make that promise to progress the conversation. Probably true, but I typically only trust people with a conscience and people with a conscience don’t often make promises they intend on expressly breaking. The underlying message here is to make sure you trust your sexting partner… or, you know, ask them to reciprocate with a photo of themselves. If they trust you with their naked ass, you can hopefully trust them with yours.

I’m into weird stuff. A lot of us are. Those weird things work their ways into explicit photos. If you have a kink you want to keep buried in the box of S&M gear you have hidden under your bed, you are solely responsible with keeping that secret. As I said in tip #2, sometimes it isn’t just the barista admiring your photo in those thigh-highs and ball gag. If you can’t accept the possibility that the barista’s roommate, the bartender at your favorite dive, knows what makes your juices flow, maybe settle for something vanilla over the leather and lace. I know it hinders that artistic and sexual expression you so deeply want to express, but if you’re uncomfortable it is certainly not worth it.

We all have different ideas of what constitutes a good nude, which is why “private parts” has those little quotation marks around it. For me, I keep my face out of most pictures and my tattoos indistinguishable. I typically also keep my panties on. It is a bit of a puzzle to get the images to fit my criteria, but for me it is worth it. I know I am no celebrity and there is no mass market for my nudes, but the thin layer of anonymity some cropping and lighting provides is enough to help me sleep at night.

If you intend on becoming a straight-laced public figure, it goes without saying that you must constantly work to maintain the image you want to represent you. I’m not saying that if you’re a rising starlet in Hollywood who won over theater audiences in your portrayal of an emotionally vulnerable widow who helps heal a broken-hearted man struggling with mental illness through the power of dance, you should not send nudes. You can do whatever you please. However, the risk of exploitation does exist. Be careful about who you trust. Be cautious where you store or save your photos. This also extends into the realm of anyone who is in a position that could be compromised by scandalous photos surfacing. I personally don’t believe nude photos are much leverage, but until the rest of the country agrees, know that your choices may have career consequences.

The culture of victim-blaming is pretty apparent when it comes to scandals like the celebrity nude leak. Don’t take the pictures if you don’t want them everywhere, right? No. Not right at all. It is absolutely your choice to send private pictures to someone you want to get hot and bothered. If that person uses them inappropriately, the shame is on them, not you. You’re just a total fox sharing what the universe gifted you. Know what’s comfortable for you, go forth, and blow some lucky recipients minds.

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Mid-Coast IPA and Oatmeal Stout

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I need to split a Sample 12 with someone. They can have the IPA and I’ll take the Oatmeal Stout.

It’s time for the third installment of our Sample Twelve pack featuring two year-round beers and two Tasting Room beers. Unfiltered Wheat Beer and 80-Acre Hoppy Wheat Beer return to join Mid-Coast IPA and Oatmeal Stout.

Mid-Coast IPA was in our first Sample Twelve pack that featured Tasting Room beers and received a lot of love from beer drinkers. So much so that we decided to bring it back for the fall. For those of you who haven’t yet sampled Mid-Coast IPA, our goal was to create a super hoppy, in your face IPA unlike any IPA we’d previously brewed. The malt bill is very simple with pale malt and Munich malt creating a base for huge hop flavor and aroma to shine from the use of Topaz, Bravo, and Centennial hops on the brewhouse and Centennial, Amarillo, Citra, and Topaz for dry-hopping. At 5.6% ABV and just over 100 IBUs, Mid-Coast IPA is by far the most bitter beer that we brew. Oddly enough though, the combination of huge fruity hops and a clean malt base makes for a very drinkable beer.

Our newest Tasting Room beer, Oatmeal Stout, comes in at 5.5% ABV and 35 IBUs. We’ve had a couple of different versions of Oatmeal Stout on draft in our Tasting Room throughout the summer. The goal of our brewers was to create a chewy beer with round roasty/chocolate/coffee flavors with a slightly sweet finish. The malt bill is layered with Special B (Cara 300), chocolate malt, Black Pearl from Patagonia Malt, flaked barley, and flaked oats. These malts complement a base of pale malt and Maris Otter. At 35 IBUs, this beer is definitely about malt complexity, but Topaz, Saaz, and Styrian Golding hops provide just enough hop bitterness and flavor to prevent Oatmeal Stout from seeming cloyingly sweet.

Both of the above beers can only be found in bottles in our Sample Twelve pack or on tap in our Tasting Room. A few kegs might make it out for special events and festivals, but you shouldn’t expect to see these beers as a regular draft in bars and restaurants.

As always with our Tasting Room beers, we’re interested in hearing what you have to say. Drink these beers and head to our website to provide feedback:

- Jeremy Danner, Ambassador Brewer

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"I’m going to be an astronaut. There’s another world…

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"I’m going to be an astronaut. There’s another world out there. And I want to go there."

(Jammu, India)

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Ask HN: Do you still use an RSS reader?

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WTF is an RSS reader?


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Bud Light Doesn’t Want To Be The Official Beer Of Domestic Violence

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I rarely have good things to say about Budweiser, but damn. Four for you, Budweiser.

As the company behind Bud Light, the official beer of the National Football League, Anheuser-Busch has some major pull in professional football. Which is why the company has some strong words for the NFL over recent reports of domestic violence off the field and how the league has handled these situations. Not well at all, basically.

The company also sponsors roughly 88% of the NFL teams, reports CNBC, making it the second-largest sponsor in the league. As such, it’s speaking out over the fact that the NFL is in the news more often these days for domestic violence than it is for football. And that’s not okay: out, albeit without mentioning specifics. And it sounds ticked off:

We are disappointed and increasingly concerned by the recent incidents that have overshadowed this NFL season. We are not yet satisfied with the league’s handling of behaviors that so clearly go against our own company culture and moral code. We have shared our concerns and expectations with the league.

The message here likely being — “Shape up or you wave that Bud Light sponsorship good-bye.”

While not specifically citing these “behaviors,” TMZ recently released a video showing Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice striking his then-fiancee in the head and knocking her out in an elevator at an Atlantic City casino last year. He had previously been suspended for two games, but the NFL suspended him indefinitely and the Ravens cut him from the roster after the video surfaced. The incident happened in February of last year, with charges against Rice for aggravated assault. He worked out a plea deal that included probation and counseling.

The NFL claimed it hadn’t seen the video until recently.

Meanwhile, Minnesota Viking running back Adrian Peterson is facing felony charges in Texas for accusations of child abuse against one of his sons, with news outlets reporting today of a previous alleged incident involving another child.

Previously:Baltimore Ravens Offer To Let Fans Exchange Ray Rice Jerseys

Anheuser-Busch says ‘not yet satisfied’ with the way NFL has handled recent incidents [CNBC]

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Dispatches from Ladyblogland

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In which fashion is tone deaf not once, but twice.

Vogue just discovered big booties!

Urban Outfitters apparently tried selling a Kent State sweatshirt that appeared to have blood on it, which is politically tone deaf. But should we expect anything else from the purveyors of the Navajo panty? Jezebel

When coverage of Serena Williams gets RACIST. The Frisky

This just warms my heart: a high school freshman’s essay on the power of Hermione Granger. The Mary Sue

The Society Pages has a great analysis of masculinity in Pixar movies.

Mallory Ortberg has a scathing satire of the whole “I’m a feminist now that I have a daughter” trope.

I will never stop linking to articles about Misty Copeland. NPR

One woman on why she married her abuser. The Frisky

Could there be long-term male birth control by 2017? Feministing

A Q&A with Haley Mlotek, the new editor at The Hairpin. The Riveter

A scenic guide to your abnormal Pap smear. The Hairpin

GQ has a very good (and difficult) read on male military rape. Consider that your trigger warning.

What do you read when you’re stressed out? I like cozy mysteries. New York Times

Really sexist marriage advice from the 1950s. Aeon

What did you read this week?

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Why Does Anyone Listen to Richard Dawkins Anymore?

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[Content Note: Rape apologia; misogyny; gender essentialism.]

That, of course, is a rhetorical question. People still listen to Richard Dawkins, despite the fact that he is a misogynist, racist, disablist rape apologist (not a comprehensive list), because he is a straight white man who upholds the kyriarchy under the auspices of science and rational thought. He confers the illusion of credible objectivity onto ancient oppressions and indecencies, and allows smug fauxgressives to pretend that their brand of subjugative abuse is superior to the brands justified by belief in deities.

Five days ago, BuzzFeed contributor Mark Oppenheimer published a piece [cn: description of sexual assault] on the misogyny endemic to movement atheism, a subject which has been discussed in this space (and many others) plenty of times. In his piece, Oppenheimer detailed Michael Shermer’s alleged sexual assault of Alison Smith—an incident which has been long discussed in skeptic circles.

Smith reports that Shermer invited her for drinks, only to realize “he wasn’t drinking them; he was hiding them underneath the table and pretending to drink them. I was drunk. After that, it all gets kind of blurry. I started to walk back to my hotel room, and he followed me and caught up with me.” Shermer tricked Smith, then, once she was too inebriated to consent, he followed her to her hotel room and sexually assaulted her. Other women have reported similar victimization.

Two hours after the piece went live, Richard Dawkins tweeted: “Officer, it’s not my fault I was drunk driving. You see, somebody got me drunk.”

There are a number of things wrong with that. Suffice it to say: Conflating being a drunk driver with being raped while intoxicated is bullshit.

And not just because it’s an aggressive indecent bit of victim-blaming. For someone who prides himself on his splendid reasoning skills, that’s a spectacularly poor bit of thinking, too.

Dawkins, however, routinely occupies himself with philosophical discussions on the nature of sexual assault. Just two months ago, for example, he tweeted: “Date rape is bad. Stranger rape at knifepoint is worse. If you think that’s an endorsement of date rape, go away and learn how to think.”

His expert thinkin’ credentials invoked once again, in defense of diminishing the gravity of a crime he’s now deemed the exclusive responsibility of its victims.

Naturally, critics of Dawkins’ victim-blaming were dismissed as hysterics and reactionaries, blah blah yawn, who don’t understand that Richard Dawkins is a feminist ally, blah blah fart.

One day later, another prominent movement atheist, Sam Harris, was profiled in the Washington Post, and the piece ended with this passage:
I also asked Harris at the event why the vast majority of atheists — and many of those who buy his books — are male, a topic which has prompted some to raise questions of sexism in the atheist community. Harris’ answer was both silly and then provocative.

It can only be attributed to my “overwhelming lack of sex appeal,” he said to huge laughter.

"I think it may have to do with my person slant as an author, being very critical of bad ideas. This can sound very angry to people. People just don’t like to have their ideas criticized. There’s something about that critical posture that is to some degree intrinsically male and more attractive to guys than to women," he said. "The atheist variable just has this – it doesn’t obviously have this nurturing, coherence-building extra estrogen vibe that you would want by default if you wanted to attract as many women as men."
Estrogen vibe. Wow.

Dawkins, naturally, jumped to his defense, accusing critics of Harris’ rank misogyny of merely being outraged as clickbait and recommending—I shit you not—professional anti-feminist Christina Hoff Sommers as a solid thinker on the subject.

This is well beyond the criticisms that the most prominent leaders of movement atheism have failed to be sufficiently inclusive. This is one of the most prominent leaders of movement atheism actively defending rapist and misogynists, from even the most basic criticisms.

I note with gales of mirthless laughter that Sam Harris suggests it is women who don’t have the constitution for having our ideas criticized.

[Related Reading: This Female Atheist, and Where She Is.]

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QT Kitchens

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Putting the gas back in gastronomy.

It may sound blasphemous, but if we’re being honest, QuikTrip is our favorite gas station restaurant. We love the roller grillwonderland, and QT certainly gets you in and out quicker than Oklahoma Joe’s, even if they don’t have a Z-Man.

And now they’re launching QT Kitchens with a slew of new made-fresh-to-order items in a bunch of locations around town. Your Lunch Bloggers were excited to attend a tasting event where we could check some of them out.

Held at a new QT the day before it opened, we arrived and were told to step up and use the touchscreen to order whatever we wanted. This may be the closest we ever get to a Wonka’s Chocolate Factory experience.

We even got to hang out with an anthropomorphic ice cream cone who didn’t seem to mind a bit that Robert ate a tiny him. He gets it. He’s delicious. Here’s the rundown on everything we had.

Bac’n Shake ($3.49)
Despite the event being in the a.m., we started things off with a milkshake, as it is totally legal to get a milkshake for breakfast if it has breakfast food in it. Of course, we were going to get this first anyway, because bacon.
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Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray

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Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray on the set of Ghostbusters | Rare and beautiful celebrity photosDan Aykroyd and Bill Murray on the set of Ghostbusters.

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